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So Simple In The Moonlight
Klaine | NC-17
Summary: Kurt has never been kissed and he’s fine with it. Most of the time. But then, his coworkers take him out for his twenty-first birthday and there’s a (gorgeous) stranger who kisses him to get away from a guy who just won’t understand that he’s interested.
~9,000 words

Who Cares, Baby
Klaine | G
Summary: Reaction fic to this. Kurt and Blaine get married. In Canada.
~1,000 words

And In The End
Gen fic | G
Summary: “Family is a place where everyone loves you no matter what, and they accept you for who you are.” - Brittany S. Pierce
~ 1,000 words

The Hudson-Hummels' House for Abandoned Boys
Kurt/Blaine; Burt/Carole | G
Summary: Burt and Carole are hit with a severe case of the empty nest syndrome.
~ 3,000 words

Remember A Year
Kurt/Blaine | G
Summary: Falling in love with Blaine did not happen all at once. It happened slowly, over the course of the months. It kind of snuck up on Kurt, to be honest.
~ 9,000 words
*written for the [ profile] kbl_reversebang. find the accompanying art here*

High Hopes and Expectation
Kurt/Blaine | G
Summary: Reading the letter of refusal was not the hardest part. The hardest part was telling Blaine and his dad.
~1,400 words

Kurt/Blaine | G
Summary: "I think you should be friends with Chandler."
~1,200 words

What It Means To Me
Kurt/Blaine | G
Summary: Blaine doesn't know how to deal with his emotions healthily. Takes place after the fight in Kurt's bedroom.
~1,300 words

I Know (Everything You Don't Want Me To)
Kurt/Blaine | NC-17
Summary: After an upsetting evening spent with his family, Blaine escapes to Kurt's house where his compulsive need to bottle up everything will cause him to snap and seek comfort.
~9,500 words

My Heart Can Never Be Still
Kurt/Blaine | NC-17
Summary: Blaine gets admitted into a religious institution meant to cure young men from their homosexuality. There he meets Kurt, who's been there for months and whose assimilation has been going swimmingly – until he meets Blaine.
~35,000 words

The Madness That You Feel
Kurt/Blaine/Rory | NC-17
Summary: “It’s not okay if I ask one of you to kiss me, right?”
~6,000 words


Fashion Night Out!Series
At Least Things Can't Get Any Worse
Kurt/Blaine | NC-17
Summary: Of course, everyone in the industry hates him. Seeing Kurt’s name alongside yours only means one thing: as hard as you’ll try, he’ll steal the show.
~6,500 words

Something About Lonely Nights
Kurt/Blaine | NC-17
Summary: “I think that’s a lie,” Blaine eventually says. “I think you care too much and it frustrates you.”
~7,000 words

The Things That Scare Us Today
Kurt/Blaine | NC-17
Summary: “Can I ask you something?” he asks, studying Blaine’s face. There’s an easy smile on it and his eyes light up when he catches Kurt looking at him. “I’m now realising you’re pretty much the best person I’ve ever met,” Blaine grins at that and Kurt rolls his eyes, “and I just. I don’t understand why you were being so mean to me.”
~9,000 words


We'll Keep Them Going Constantly
Kurt/Blaine | PG-13
Summary: As sleep slowly leaves him, he realises something warm and heavy is pressed on his hip. Wincing, he opens his eyes and sees that it’s Blaine’s arm, and wow, wait, when did they get naked, oh my god. A second breathing that is definitely not his own makes Kurt freeze.
~5,000 words
Sequel to: And We'll Never Miss a Party

Fill My Heart With Song
Kurt/Blaine | G
Summary: "I used to defend you, you know." Kurt turns his head and meets Blaine's puzzled eyes. "When my friends called you a hipster."

"I'm not a hipster," Blaine replies in a huff.

"Oh, honey, have you seen you?"
~5,000 words

Third Time's The Charm
Kurt/Blaine | G
Summary: Learning about how Kurt once force-fed grass to Blaine will make them laugh and then realise that, perhaps, they were meant to be from the start.
~3,200 words

We're Making Exceptions
Kurt/Puck | NC-17
Summary: They have a thing: friends with benefits. Well, really, ‘acquaintances with benefits.’ The hook-ups start out as meaningless ways to get off, and they have an unspoken rule: they never kiss. Just sex.
~4,000 words

And We'll Never Miss a Party
Kurt/Blaine | NC-17
Summary: New Directions is having a party and with too much alcohol comes terrible game ideas, or the one where Santana dares Kurt to go down on Blaine.
~3,400 words

All Eyes On Me
Kurt/Blaine | NC-17
Summary: After Mike forgets Tina’s birthday, she heads to Kurt’s house to be comforted. Unbeknownst to her, Blaine is over and the two teenagers were busy. She wants to leave, but Blaine offers her to stay and enjoy the show.
~3,400 words

Duet With Myself
Kurt/Himself, Kurt/Everyone | R
Summary: When Kurt mysteriously steps through his mirror, what he finds on the other side will make him question everything he ever took for granted.
~7,500 words

You're Loveable, But You're Just Troubled
Kurt/Blaine | PG-13
Summary: Blaine’s life is apparently doomed to be filled with confusion.
~2,700 words

Five Times Kurt and Blaine Almost Got Caught (and One Time They Did)
Kurt/Blaine | R
Summary: Hiding their relationship to everyone was possibly the worst idea Kurt and Blaine ever had.
~11,000 words

Five Times Blaine Was Wrapped Around Kurt's Finger (And One Time The Situation Was Reversed)
Kurt/Blaine | PG-13
Summary: Maybe Blaine can’t say no to Kurt, but Kurt can’t, either.
~10,000 words

Animal Sweaters and Nosey Friends
Kurt/Blaine | R
Summary: When Blaine joins the King Island Christmas Spectacular show, he gets paired with one Rachel Berry who seems dead set on finding him a lover before Christmas.
~3,400 words

The One Where Blaine Screws Up A Lot
Kurt/Blaine | R
Summary: Blaine has some issues with not being an ass to everyone.
~12,400 words

When Obvious Meets Oblivious
Kurt/Blaine | R
Summary: The one where Blaine flirts with songs, Kurt is thick and Finn is scarred for life.
~20,100 words

What Virtue?
Kurt/Blaine | G
Summary: Privacy is going out of style in Westerville.
~2,000 words

Burt Food, Broken Cars and Bad Jokes
Kurt/Blaine | PG-13
Summary: For some reason, the universe didn’t want Kurt to have a quiet date.
~2,500 words

The One Where Finn Is Confused A Lot And Rachel Is Actually Insightful
Kurt/Blaine | PG-13
Summary: Everyone thinks that this school transfer thing is hard on Kurt but no one thought of how confusing it could be for others. Especially for Finn.
~2,250 words


How Safe It Is To Feel Safe
Ryan/Brendon, William/Gabe, Pete/Patrick, past Pete/Mikey, hints at Greta/Hayley and Spencer/Jon | R
Summary: Our story begins in Las Vegas, in the 1920s. Panic is working for some big casino owner, getting rid of the people who are getting troublesome. Pete contacts them and offers them a job. They move to Chicago to join him where, joined by Jon, they become the nightmare of every bad guy in the city. Things go downhill from there and a war explodes, with terrible consequences. Bandom Big Bang entry
~26,655 words

Open Up Your Skull, I'll Be There
Gabe/William | R
Summary: William was 20 years old on the 10th of April 1912.
~5,400 words

Christmas is Overrated, Anyway
Brendon/Ryan | PG-13
Summary: Putting up the tree was the most anti-climactic moment of Ryan’s entire life.
~3,300 words

We're Running Out
Brendon/Ryan | R
Summary: It would be simple to always take the same brand and be over with it in five minutes. But Brendon always wants to try new ones and Ryan always complains they’re too expensive, so they end up arguing for minutes on end, both waving bottles around while offended old people push past them to reach for the Tylenols.
~680 words

Five Things Ryan Loves About Brendon (And One That Scares Him)
Brendon/Ryan | R
Summary: Basically, Ryan makes no sense when it comes to Brendon.
~2,900 words

I’ll Pull The Stars Down From The Heavens To Fill Your Empty Skies
Brendon/Ryan | PG-13
Summary: “Glow in the dark stars! I can't believe you have them!” Ryan exclaims as if he's looking at the greatest thing he ever saw.
~6,600 words

The One Where Ryan Realizes Nature Has More To Offer Than Hayfever
Brendon/Ryan ; Gabe/William ; past Gabe/Brendon ; hints of Spencer/Jon | R
Summary: When Ryan is forced to join his college's nature club, he's convinced the most exciting thing he'll find is a book with one thousand tofu recipes. He couldn't be more wrong.
~9,400 words

Did We Get Hitched Last Night?
Brendon/Ryan | R
Summary: The guy who will write 'One Night Stands For Dummies' will deserve a Nobel prize.
~3,000 words

We Set Our Clocks Early
Brendon/Ryan, Pete/Patrick | R
Summary: "We suck at this waking-up-to-an-alarm thing."
~3,900 words

So It Was Meant To Happen?
Spencer/Jon/Ryan/Brendon (Brendon/Ryan) | NC-17
Summary: Jon should have seen it coming.
Sequel to Five Reasons Why Jon Almost Quit The Band (And One Why He Didn't)
~3,000 words

Five Reasons Why Jon Almost Quit The Band (And One Why He Didn't)
Brendon/Ryan | R
Summary: Jon's first weeks in the band were pretty hard on him.
~3,500 words

Brendon/Ryan | NC-17
Summary: Ryan gets a little jealous.
~4,100 words.

Some Things Never Change (But Thankfully Some Do)
Brendon/Ryan | NC-17
Summary: It is so familiar that Ryan instinctively reaches to his face to brush his bang away, a reflex pretty useless now seeing as he has since cut his hair.
~7,800 words

First Time
Brendon/Ryan | NC-17
Summary: “This is the part where we take our clothes off now, right?”
~3,900 words

There Are Known Knowns and Unknown Knowns
Brendon/Ryan | PG-13
Summary: "'The Worst Christmas in the History of Christmas Celebrating' aka 'The Day Ryan Broke His Heart Like The Cold-Hearted Bitch He Is'".
~4,100 words
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