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Birthdate:Apr 4
i've had recurring nightmares that i was loved for who i am

Music is my life. I don't remember a moment in my life when there wasn't some sort of music playing in the background. I have the most eclectic tastes, and something really needs to be bad for me to say I hate it.

I have a hard time making "real life" friends, you may say I'm sort of antisocial. My sister calls me a hermit, I don't know what I should make out of this. This, and the fact that I'm so shy I won't even ask questions to a teacher if I don't understand, or won't ask where are the restroom in a restaurant. I'm constantly working on it, and it kind of works but there's a long way to go.

I love chocolate, coffee, strawberries and waking up to the rain hitting my window. I like winter mornings when the air is crisp and the snow creaks under your feet. I love the first warm breeze of wind of Spring. I love summer nights spent downtown with friends. I love tea and Doctor Who and Harry Potter and everything that comes from the United Kingdom. I love Torchwood, Star Wars, X-Men and The Lord of the Rings. When I was little I wanted to marry Aladdin and when I turned 11, I waited for my letter from Hogwarts, half seriously. I space out more than healthy and I live in my head most of the time. There is a high probability that I love Glee too much for my own good.

Oh, what? You're not interested anymore? Okay then, I'm done.

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