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Brendon too can be a faily teenager in love.

Because even though this is spamming your flist, you will all enjoy it. )

SO. I hadn't planned on cross-referencing but they made it mandatory.

I forgot to mention that after the April posts about his feelings being more important and Ryan aching and all, Brendon began mentioning Audrey a hell of a lot more...

They fucking dated. On the count of three, flail.

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It all started here and then [livejournal.com profile] devilswhore_x and [livejournal.com profile] cardel convinced me to extend it into a larger one, which really got out of hand as you will see in a moment.

NOT DIAL UP FRIENDLY. I seriously recommend you go away if your Internet connection sucks. Or you can always click the cut and then go take a walk, and then cook yourself something to eat, maybe take a shower or a nap, and then come back.

You have been warned.

Enjoy. )
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I'll sleep when I'm dead, apparently. (2:45am)

Tiny videospam. Tiny, tiny one.
Erm. This new layout is confusing... Just hover your mouse over the names and the link will appear. I'll try to fix it.

Panic at Coca-Cola Zerofest.
The only full performance I could find. The image sucks but the sound is great. The title makes me think that person will upload more later. :)

Open Happiness live in Detroit.
Brendon danced and I jizzed in my pants. (sorry, way too easy)
He's so tiny next to Travie. Ah god I love him.

And the commercial itself.
It's not on television here and it's a good thing, because if it was and it came on suddenly, no one could hold me responsible of my actions. A commercial with Brendon's voice completely highlighted on my television? Please kill me right now.

Good night? We all know I'm not off to bed yet. I'm hopeless.

P.S: The song Soco Amaretto Lime by Brand New owns my soul.


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