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I bought Fall Out Boy Live in Phoenix today. I watched it instead of studying Psych. I'm a bad girl. I had a small fangirl-ish moment the two times they mentioned Montreal. First when Pete showed his horrible killer shark jacket and second when they were literally in Montreal and Dirty had the bet to stay silent for a day. I wasn't looking at the scene, I was trying to locate where they were. (It failed, I mean the only thing I could see was a parking lot and an EasyClip ad).
The live show is made of win, Don't Matter and Beat It ("it's possible that some of you were conceived on this song") and Golden and I Write Sins Not Tragedies <3 I can't wait for May 6.

Confused Caro is confused.
The cabin!pics. There is apparently two sets. One that was made for a magazine* (ughteghurh WANT) and one that was made by Shane.
Nonetheless, both sets are drool-worthy so I'm going to post both, and let's all pretend they were all taken from a mountain in the middle of the cabin... (it was just too easy, thousands of apologies)

*I checked on Google what the magazine was, if I remembered the name well, and I hope I didn't. It's a mag for boys and the main page of the website had "48 Topless Hollywood Babes" on it. I don't see what PATD would be doing looking well-fucked in that mag...

Cabin pics )
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Do you get it? Don't cheat and go check on Bilvy's blog!
I got it right away.
I love how William just totally admitted his love for Pokemon by posting this picture. I love him even more now.


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